Day 256: Sunday 10 January

January 10, 2010

Still frying out here in Adelaide. I am getting so hot I want to take my clothes off, as the song goes.

Thankfully I have been fully immersed in air conditioning.Lovely.

Last night was spent down at Henley Jetty, and it was still hot at 9pm. Horrid. But the gelatos were quite tasty if a little drippy.

David and Nick go head to head in a gelato eating contest

The jetty was a hive of crab catching and fishing activity, literally hundreds of people throwing their crab nets off the jetty and throwing back most of crabs coz they were tiny.

I took a picture but Nick made it go wobbly.

Iraqi oil wells on fire? No, Henley Jetty wobbly photo

And here’s what I’m have decided to wear today…

Delicately posed bush pig picture

Top: Again Ivy chambre vest

Bottom: New Lismore op shop purchase, Levi’s denim  mini. I’m probably getting into mutton territory wearing this

Accessory: Another new Lismore purchase op shop purchase, a little pale blue denim dilly bag. Cute or mutton?


Day 252: Wednesday 6 January

January 6, 2010

Aaaah Sydney. Such a temperate clime. So moderate and pleasant.

What I really mean is ‘Hurrah! I can wear jeans again!’. In other good news Sydney’s high today of 25 degrees means I can wear a t-shirt and not a singlet, and a waistcoat without sweating like a football player. All of which means you passionate followers of YoD won’t have to look at my upper arms today at least.

The last 2 weeks away north have been a gruelling fashion event for YoD. The heat and humidity in Queensland and the north coast of NSW resulted in me being unable to wear over two thirds of the clothes I brought with me. So I apologise for my lack of foresight and limited clothing range for the past fortnight.

Hopefully I can rectify the past with some stunning new looks… maybe I’ll start tomorrow. Or the day after, or even the day after that…

Anyways, here I am with my charity shop holiday haul. Amongst this pile is something I have been in a desperate search for since time immemorial when the Year of Denim started on April 30 2009. Try to guess what it is…

Trash or treasure? I think of it as booty

Top: Dragstar vest, how I’ve missed you

Bottom: Very pleasant to wear JayJay’s lightweight jeans

Accessory: Go on have a guess…. what is my new longed for accessory that I can almost giurantee I will have on me at all times? Vote in the poll….

Another ‘thing (not denim) I was absolutely stoked (ancient surfer term meaning thrilled, excited, very very happy) to find was this…

People get ready for the Year of the Bottle Cutter

Yes! At last a K-Tel Bottle Cutter kit for the bargain price of 50c (I love Port Macquarie oppies). Unfortunately the most crucial piece seems to be missing, the blade that does the cutting! Of course I only realised this once I got home and excitedly got the Bottle Cutter out to fiddle with only to notice the missing element.

Back to my most needed mystery item. I hope you (all 7 of you) have voted in the poll. So here it is, that thing YoD needs most of all in YoD’s honest opinion…

The holy grail of denim accessories... the denim wallet

I sense some eye rolling out there. Well fuck tha lotta youse, I’m washing the dog and taking my NEW DENIIM BLUE JEANS WALLET to Woolies

Day 251: Tuesday 5 January

January 5, 2010

Finally I have made it home. Home sweet home. Home, untidy, messy and a bit dirty, home.

But let me recount my epic journey home. Get a beer, it’s a long blog.

My lunch date in Lennox went very nicely thank you very much, but of course I was running about 2 hours later than I wanted to be. Not to worry, Ugh the Camry can sure fire up when you put the pedal to the metal! Not.

After a couple of pee stops for me and the dog we cruised into Crescent Head on the mid-north NSW coast around 7pm. I did a quick surf check. None. Very disappointing.

Back in the car and we (Taxi and I)  zoomed off at a moderate Camry friendly pace down the Point Plomer Road to find a place to camp. All the dog friendly camping spots were full or so full I would be sleeping with the red necks. So I opted to park Ugh above Goollowah camp ground over looking the beach.

Taxi ate her dinner and promptly went to bed. I fussed around setting up ‘camp’, ate my chicken roll and climbed into Ugh (the Camry)…

Gourmet chicken roll eaten at a dining table over looking the beach

So there I was lying back, reading by my portable (battery dying) light, when a car pulls up. A couple of guys get out and their ute and start fussing around the back of their car. I get nervous. Phew. They are fisherman.

I lie back down and try to read. My light dies. It’s 9.15pm. I try to sleep, but I’ve parked possibly a little too close to the road. Headlights shine straight in my eyes every time (every 5 minutes) a car goes by.

Why did I camp here? I could have camped a little further around about 50 metres off the road instead of 3 metres. I am a drongo.

After a terrible night’s sleep I wake up early, before 6 am because Taxi needs her morning constitutional…

Taxi's poo with a view

So I figure I might as well get up too, get on the road early, maybe even have a surf…

Cosy sleeping nook inside the belly of the Camry

Of course I need to take my daily denim photo first…

Denim with misty beach back drop

Top: Bought on my way up north at Raymond Terrace, first time it’s been cool enough to wear, vintage ‘Leisurewear’ pale denim shirt/jacket

Bottom: Worn for the second time, photographed for the first time, on the epic journey, Industrie jeans

Accessory: Denim cap, freshly laundered after a heavy soiling on New Year’s Eve

I have no idea about my bent kneed stance in the picture, so on with my travelogue…

So I packed up, piled Taxi into the car and went back to Crescent Head. Tiniest surf ever that can still be called surf.

Fuck it, I thought. I’m here, so’s my surfboard, I’m getting wet.

In I go. Not only is it the tiniest surf ever it’s also the lowest tide ever. At Crescent Head that means rocks everywhere. I clamber in slipping, sliding trying not to smash my board. I catch a wave. I fall off arms forward so I don’t crack my head. I grate my forearms across several barnacled rocks. Now I have stigmata.

Time to hit the road. Sort of. I pop into Port Macquarie to visit 1 of my fav’ op shops in the world. And to snap up a few bargains. But of course I can’t leave it at just 1 op shop. I decide I have to do them all.

Hours later, with not too much stuff ( another pair of jeans, a denim cap, approx 10 handi-crafted coat hangers, wine glasses and a blanket) I finally really get back into Ugh and on the road after first making a lunch enagement for Newcastle.

And now I have a confession to make…

People who know me away from the blog may recall an anti-ham rant or 2 before Christmas. The truth is I have eaten ham nearly every day since Christmas. Sometimes I have even enjoyed it. Like today’s superior toasted ham wrap created by Mr M. Tome of Mayfield. How delicious was it? See for yourselves…

Ham, cheese, tomato, pickled onion, green stuff = tasty plus!

But that’s it for the year! I am not eating any more ham (until Christmas) or bacon. No more salty porky meat!

The drive home from Newcastle was uneventful apart from interesting clouds gathering over the freeway and me trying to beat Taxi with Ugh’s sun shade in an effort to stop her chewing her box off. I have a picture of the cloud but not of me beating Taxi while she munches her vagina.

Day 248: Saturday 2 January 2010

January 2, 2010

I had  lovely evening catching up with Sue and her family in the very beautiful Suffolk Park. Luckily for the holiday death toll I stayed overnight there.

Tody I have bounced back! My brain has settled into it’s normal wave patterns, I have a good 8 hours sleep under my belt, I had quite a nice surf at Broken Head and now I’m hitting the Lismore op shops in a search of denim glory.

My outfit is a subtle variation on yesterday’s denimness… I changed my singlet, but not my undies. I’m travelling you know!

Denim variation with a slight return

Top: Supre vest getting some heavy duty wear. Collar is looking rather manky I must say

Bottom:  Rusty chambre shorts, not too filthy … yet

Accessory: Denim birkies. I am hoping they won’t chafe in the tropics of Lismore

Day 244: Tuesday 29 December

December 29, 2009

Well. I have searched all of the Sunshine Coast’s op shops high and low and have come away with 2 new denim jackets (which CANNOT be worn here now coz you’d melt into a pool of denim like the wicked witch of the west), a Dolly Parton gate fold album with 3 incredible boobie corsetty pictures of her on it, and 2 books.

Oh, and the denim hot pants I am wearing today. That’s hot as in I’m sweating like crazy in them, not hot as in check out my arse cheeks.

Tomorrow I start heading south to The Wok.

Here’s my adventure in denim today…

Me and the tree

Top: Supre sweat filled vest. I know I’m soaking in it

Bottom: ‘Off Limits’ denim fisherman pants with rather labia like folds in the front

Accessory 1: Denim visor

Accessory 2: Denim birkenstocks slowly getting more and more sodden

As part of my op shop tour of Nambour today I came across quite a Christmas display, especially if you like Santa drunk and lying on a bench with a sexy lady elf off-sider…

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum ... Santa has a lie down

Meanwhile Santa’s perky Lady Elf takes command of Christmas…

Sexy Lady Elf with bonus cape looks on disapprovingly

I was trying to figure out exactly WHAT was going on with Santa, so I moved in for a closer look, which wasn’t very enlightening…

Santa really looks like he's sleeping one off. This is enhanced by the life-like booze blooms all over his face

Day 236: Monday 21 December

December 21, 2009

The Year of Denim is hitting the road today in search of more better denim.

Queensland here I come!

As a result blogs over the next few weeks will be going up at random times. Late at night , early in the morning, the middle of the day, but I WILL endeavour to update YoD daily.

Those updates will probably be full of moaning about how hot denim is to wear in 30+ degree humidity.

Anyways. Today looks like a pleasant day for driving, so as Tino La Bamba would say Adios amigos.

My denim is packed, I'm ready to go

Top: Printed to look like denim + bananas shirt. Cool in so many ways

Bottom: Rusty chambre shorts, cool in the most comfortable way

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag, cool in a hipster kinda way

Accessory 2: Denim cap cool in  a keeping the sun off my face kind way

Day 231: Wednesday 16 December

December 16, 2009

Happy birthday Dad.

I have been celebrating the only way I know how…. by having a real fun time.

Today this has meant I have been to 3 beaches, had coffee at two occasions and breakfast in Berry.

I have enjoyed several swims, been blown off the beach at Geroa AND at Minnamurra and been surfing at Bombo, which was lovely.

I am about to pass out for a snooze, but thought I’d best blog first. So here it is…

It started out as a nice day for white denim. Now it's too hot

Top: Brand new op shop bought white denim jacket. Does it look like I can button it up to you??

Bottom: JeansWest sloppy denims, when comfort is a neccessity

Accessory 1: Denim visor

Accessory 2: Denim birkies