Day 342: Tuesday 6 April

April 6, 2010

Hi ho hi ho, it’s off to work I go. You can tell by my serious outfit/ facial expression I mean business. I’m TCB, AOK.

Year of Denim

I'm ready, ready for anything except fun

Top: Hillcrest brand, Made in Australia of sanforized cotton, vintage denim jacket. At least I think it’s vintage because A) it’s made in Australia and B)It’s unique style ain’t nothing I’ve seen before

Bottom: Dragstar denim high waisted flares. Always triky for me to wear as I don’t really have a waist

Accessory: Denim bag with red piping, one of the early YoD denim purchases


Day 275: Friday 29 January

January 29, 2010

Gee it’s easy to spend money if you try.

I have decided that the Year of Denim deserves better documentation and have purchased a new bigger, brighter, heavier, larger, more expensive, digital camera.

Of course the battery has no charge so I can’t actually break USE it today. But stay tuned for a noticeable improvement in image quality. But then again, this is a web page so there will probably be no difference at all.

The blog entries will stay as low brow as normal, so no need to worry about whether you will need a dicyionary book to check words with in order to read YoD.

Today’s look harks back to the good old days of peak denim wearing (in my mind), of the 1970s. Back when everyone rocked the double denim because let’s face it it’s a rockin’ good look!

Marvin Gaye, very good looking in double denim

And it wasn’t just cool good looking black folk who could give the double denim both street and fashion cred. Check out these celebrity whities and tell me how awe inspiring their denim outfits are…

The legendary Frank Sinatra blasting fashion outta sight in a pale denim suit as Australia's own Olivia Newton John struts in a patchwork denim ensemble

The legendary Frank Sinatra blasts fashion outta sight in a pale denim suit as Australia's Olivia Newton John struts in a patchwork denim ensemble

While I have aimed high today, somehow I don’t know that I am quite as significant culturally as those denim celebrities. Maybe once I have attained the one year landmark of constant denim wearing I too might have my own Wikipedia entry…

Does my _ _ _ _ _ _ look big in this camera? Taxi gives a rat's arse

Top: Once again in a Dragstar vest. That label is getting a heavy workout this week

Bottom: Ahhh, old favs, Landlubber vintage denim high waisted flares. Lovely if only the waist wouldn’t roll down

Accessory: Glamour Girl denim cap. I’m pretty certain it’s a 1970s original all the way from Japan

Day 217: Wednesday 2 December

December 2, 2009

What a bonus for YoD this cooler weather is.

I can wear jackets ‘n jeans all day long and not raise even a slight sweat. It’s like being in air-con only I’m not!

Hopefully I can stay this cool for a little while longer. C’mon. Who am I kidding I’m always cool in that Fonzie kind a way.


Anyways, here I am

Heeeeeeeyyy. It's the YoD


Top: Blockout streeetch denim jacket

Bottom: Dragstar highwaisted super flares

Accessory: Denim bag with red piping

Day 177: Friday 23 October

October 23, 2009

I tried valiantly to blog earlier today, but it was broken.

Now it’s fixed and I’ve been through three outfits already.

Why three? Let me tell you…

When I got up this morning I intended to go to work after a doctor’s appointment. However, it was clearly evident after being up, dressed, breakfasted and having taken my YOD picture that there was no way I could go to work.  I can barely talk. It was the return of the Super Husky Year of Denim.

Watch out Lois Armstrong, Kim Carne and more recently Mickey Rourke, coz now I’m in a semi-permanent state of huskiness.

So here’s my number one, ‘I’m going to work’ outfit…

Eyes hidden because the bags under them are bigger than the one on my shoulder

Eyes hidden behind sunnies as the bags under them are bigger than the bag on my shoulder

Top: Blockout stretch denim jacket. And that face is because I’m sucking on a medicinal butter menthol

Bottom: Super dooper high waisted flares from the house of Dragstar, who are having a garage sale tomorrow. Cheap awesome stuff for sale from Dragstar and their kiddie line, plus bonus vintage extras

Accessory: Dragstar pale denim bag denim

It was now around 9am, and I must say the weather was really hotting up. It was way too hot to be wearing a ployester body-shirt under a semi-synthetic denim jacket. As I was no longer going to work I decided to shrug off the above highly corporate look for my visit to the doctor.

So I changed into this…

Double Dragstar denim... Just do it!

Double Dragstar denim... Just do it!

Top: Too tight to button, button-up Dragstar vest, twinned with…

Bottom: Dragstar high-waisted extraordinarily gorgeous flares

Accessory: Denim birkenstocks. Gotta keep those feet healthy, especially as the rest of me is packing it in

Now it’s midday, and it is hot hot hot. So I’ve changed, for the third time into this outfit…

My position for next couple of days, doctor's orders

My position for next couple of days, doctor's orders

Top: That Dragstar vest, while truly amazing, is also so tight it chafes me under the arms. So I’ve dressed down onto the Supre version.  Less hot, definitely not as cool

Bottom: Jeans West denim skirt. And before anyone asks, no I am not doing Britney or Paris. I AM wearing undies, they just happen to be pink

Accessory: Still got healthy denim Birkenstock clad feet

Hopefully this is it for the time being. If a southerly change comes through the city I suppose I’ll be changing AGAIN!!!

Day 167: Tuesday 13 October

October 13, 2009

Another early watch the sun rise start to the day. It is a beautiful day here in down town Marrickville. Mild, clear skies, birds tweeting, dogs barking, goods trains screeching.

Lucky me. I have woken up with a head cold, snot stuffed, scratchy throated, mouth breathing etc etc blah blah blah. On a brighter note the half way point for the Year of Denim is almost upon us.

To all the YOD knockers all I can say is that I am half way to achieving my goal. A person has to set goals. It’s just mine are not the taking over the world, making buckets of money, becoming a supermodel, running a marathon, winning a grand final type of goals. My goals are more do some stupid stuff, aim to have a merry time at all times, go surfing as much as possible kind of goals.

Here I am on my way to achieving a landmark Year of Denim date…

Softly I gaze into the rising sun

Softly I gaze into the rising sun. I didn't check the focus at all.

Top: Blockout streeeetch denim blazer, a bit of to school, but so what?

Bottom: Dragstar super flares and a waist an inch too tight

Accessory: Denim Roxy tiny handbag with flowers to match my Hawaiian shirt

Day 104: Tuesday 11 August

August 11, 2009

The last few days of The Year of Denim have all been work denims fulfilling their original purpose as work clothes. Work as in manual labour, not those awful calluses we get from typing up our blogs, updating our facebooks and checking our emails which passes for work in many an office around Australia.

So I thought I AM going into work today and I WILL be wearing denim. I think the sartorial standards  slipped over the weekend, so today I am making ammends by stepping out in style.

It's business time so let's get down to business

It's business time so let's get down to business

Top 1: Today is all about mid-blue donated Dragstar denim, but I don’t have a Dragstar jacket. The closest match in style and colour is my spectacular Fletcher Jeans jacket seen here casually slung over my shoulder

Top 2: Dragstar denim vest, super snug and a little cutting under the arms. Sometimes fashion hurts

Bottom: Dragstar super high waisted jeans, so high waisted I can’t quite get the button done up as the waist hits my ribs. Not that you can tell as I have cunningly concealed the open button with a belt

Accessory: Off to the right is my eensy little Roxy denim handbag. Only just big enough for everything I need

Here’s the bag close up

Handbag posed artfully on the Situationist International Anthology

Handbag posed artfully on the Situationist International Anthology

DAY FREEKIN’ 100!!!!: Friday 7 August 2009!!!

August 7, 2009
Can you believe it? I have just completed 100 days of wearing denim: a top, a bottom and an accessory. Every day since April 30. What a fool. I have 256 days to go! Arrgghhhh.
Here are your kind suggestions as to how I should mark, celebrate, commemorate 100 days of denim…

1. Have a Double Denim Party … I cannot be arsed organising a party, buying stuff, cleaning and tidying ( before AND after) the house, buying booze, blowing up balloons etc etc. I might feel different at the 200 day mark.

2. Spend the whole day eating TOOBS … This is something I CAN achieve, especially now I have discovered Marrickville train station vending machine stocks Toobs! You must remember Toobs. They are in a denim styled pack and the have the “BBQ Tang”. The other bonus is the way they completely demolish the lining of your mouth!

3. A denim posse descending on a local- in the Ville … Unfortunately the ‘Ville’s pub’s are uniformly skanky. I choose to spend NO time in them. EVER!! For now.

Late entry…   Have a ritual bonfire burning the worst of the denim so far … The suggestor has also suggested that I burn today’s jacket because it’s “disgusting”


Anyway. My 100th day has been anything but easy so far. I got up and planned to do a quick repair on some enticing denim, but then the dog vomited. I clean it up, and get out the sewing machine.

She vomits again. FCUK!!! I curse and clean it up. I start to sew. FCUK!!! The machine keeps locking up. The dog vomits yet AGAIN! Triple FCUK!!

I clean it up, and got back to fiddling with the Janome. But wait… it is completely FCUKED!!

Curses!!  I move to Plan B for my 100th day of denim. Off to the bedroom I go to choose another outfit. Oh no. The dog has vomited in the bedroom. I could weep.

Finally I get to take my photo, but it’s not quite as good as I hoped. It does, however, feature something quite special…

Butt plug + stone wash bat wings = special

Red ceramic butt plug + stone wash bat wings = special

Top: Here it is, the most sumptuous piece of stone washing I have seen since 1984, Network brand denim stone washed, bat winged, over sized shoulders, suit style lapelled jacket, courtesy of my Southern Highlands fashion advisor, SL

Bottom: Not my original choice, Industrie dark ‘n skinny denims

Accessory 1: Brand new, and of course I’ve bought them a size too small, denim gym boots. FCUK!

Accessory 2: FCUK denim bag, a kind and generous donation from an old acquaintance, HMc

Word has it that today is Jeans for Genes day. Strange serendipity. I guess I should make a donation somewhere to validate all my denim wearing. And I still have no plans for tonight on marking this momentous occasion. I await more suggestions. Otherwise I might get into some real trouble, especially in THAT jacket…