Day 211: Thursday 26 November

November 26, 2009

Another action packed and adventuresome morning in the YoD.

Beach, breakfast, broads, boobs and bikinis.

What an enviable life I lead, apart from the fact I can’t find a flatmate who will put up with the YoD.

I find it impossible to believe denim is not to everyone’s taste. What’s not to like about denim?

Denim is classy and trashy
Denim is stylish and bogan
Denim is hot and cold
Denim is short and long
Denim is old and new
Denim is ugly and pretty
Denim is black and white
Denim is red, white and blue

Denim is everything!

Bondi, boobs, man boobs, worker's tan and me

Top: It was fine while it was cool this morning but now it’s midday the MSK dark denim vest is super dooper sweaty

Bottom: TopGirl denim roll up shorts

Accessory 1: Shoulder bag

Accessory 2: Dark denim cap, like me and the vest, now too hot to handle


Day 146: Tuesday 22 September

September 22, 2009

Last night I dreamt about Elvis…

While that is a Gillian Welch song lyric  it’s also the truth. Yesterday I finished reading Careless Love by Peter Guralnick. How depressing. Poor Elvis pilled himself to death surrounded by people yet lonely, in a state of depression  and constipated. Apparently when you are famous doctors can’t say no to you. So just like Michael Jackson,  Elvis had many willing suppliers of a range of uppers, downers, anti-depressants, laxatives and pain killers. And like Michael jackson Elvis semed very very sad. American Trilogy? More like American Tragedy.

Here’s Elvis in his last concert, six weeks before he died on the toilet,  singing/ straining Unchained Melody…

Anyway. Moving right along to today’s stellar outfit…

Moody early morning pose down

Moody early morning pose down with giant red ceramic butt plug

Top: JeansWest ‘1970’s revival’ pale denim jacket, lightweight for the warm day ahead

Bottom: Denim Company ankle freezers, turned up to make that seem intentional

Accessory 1: Denim tie belt

Accessory 2: Denim shoulder bag

Accessory 3: Denim Birkenstocks

Day 143: Saturday 19 September

September 19, 2009

Gosh my life is exciting. Last night I went to watch one of the footy semi-finals with 2 teams that I don’t really give a stuff about (I know, how tragic) Parramatta vs Gold Coast. However it was very exciting, particularly the parochial crowd of about 28,000 extreme Parramatta supporters all screaming their lungs out, wearing face paint and waving their blue and yellow flags.

To recover from the emotional high of watching a game where you are not particularly fussed about the outcome (I WAS pleased Parra won) I am spending the day round the house doing some exciting chores: cleaning, tidying, dusting, amybe even washing the car. But I did take Taxi, the itchy arsed dog, to the park first.

A tree, a girl, a dog

A tree, a girl, a dog

Those Moreton Bay fig trees are such an amazing size and shape that I got AK to photograph me against it. You can’t really see what I’m wearing however, which I SUPPOSE is the purpose of this blog, so here’s we are close-up…

Denim house-frau attire with dog and poo bags

Denim house-frau attire with dog and poo bags

Top: Supre (nothing but haute couture for me!) pale denim vest

Bottom: Donated Gap jeans, thanks Holden

Accessory: Denim head skarf/ tourniquet

Day 137: Sunday 13 September

September 13, 2009

Well I’m exhausted from updating yesterday’s blog. There was so much denim activity I simply HAD to get it up so to speak. It was so hot today I almost couldn’t bear wearing denim. But I’m committed to the Year of Denim, so I wore it, hot and sweaty, but with pride. I looked like a nong but so what?

And special thanks to Mr Matthew Tome for taking the pic in his and Penny’s lovely edible Mayfield backyard…

I hte this shruggy vest thing, only wearing it cos I'd have failed YOD if I didn't

I hate this shruggy vest thing, only wearing it cos I'd have failed YOD if I didn't. Taxi thinks having a hangover doesn't help

Top: That nasty Jeanswest vest. Bluech

Bottom: Top Shop light denim tight turn-ups

Accessory: That bag I’ve been wearing all weekend

Tired now. Gotta rest so I have strength for tomorrow’s very early morning blog

Day 114: Friday 21 August

August 21, 2009

I feel better, not quite the best, but definitely better. However Taxi the dog seems particularly melancholy today. She wouldn’t eat her breakfast (a dog not eating!??!) and we went for a very shuffley walk down the road. Admittedly she is 80 something in human years, but where’s her joie de vivre, her lust for life?

All I can say is last day of work before 2 weeks holiday. Hurrah!

What's wrong Taxi? Tell me

What's wrong Taxi? Tell me

Top 1: Never before seen Howard Showers stretch denim dress shirt. Stylin’

Top 2: Marcs shiney suit jacket. Businesslike

Bottom: A bit like a mullet today I’m dressed business up top, party down below. Super old, super long, super cas’ Levi’s flares. Turn-ups rule!

Accessory: Today needed a handbag, so that’s what I’m carying. Pierced denim handbag, cos I’m a lady

Want to see that shirt a little closer? If you look close enough you can see my bra. Damn you bulging buttons! Damn you!

Pearl buttons + stretch denim = whoah there!

Pearl buttons + stretch denim = whoah there!

DAY FREEKIN’ 100!!!!: Friday 7 August 2009!!!

August 7, 2009
Can you believe it? I have just completed 100 days of wearing denim: a top, a bottom and an accessory. Every day since April 30. What a fool. I have 256 days to go! Arrgghhhh.
Here are your kind suggestions as to how I should mark, celebrate, commemorate 100 days of denim…

1. Have a Double Denim Party … I cannot be arsed organising a party, buying stuff, cleaning and tidying ( before AND after) the house, buying booze, blowing up balloons etc etc. I might feel different at the 200 day mark.

2. Spend the whole day eating TOOBS … This is something I CAN achieve, especially now I have discovered Marrickville train station vending machine stocks Toobs! You must remember Toobs. They are in a denim styled pack and the have the “BBQ Tang”. The other bonus is the way they completely demolish the lining of your mouth!

3. A denim posse descending on a local- in the Ville … Unfortunately the ‘Ville’s pub’s are uniformly skanky. I choose to spend NO time in them. EVER!! For now.

Late entry…   Have a ritual bonfire burning the worst of the denim so far … The suggestor has also suggested that I burn today’s jacket because it’s “disgusting”


Anyway. My 100th day has been anything but easy so far. I got up and planned to do a quick repair on some enticing denim, but then the dog vomited. I clean it up, and get out the sewing machine.

She vomits again. FCUK!!! I curse and clean it up. I start to sew. FCUK!!! The machine keeps locking up. The dog vomits yet AGAIN! Triple FCUK!!

I clean it up, and got back to fiddling with the Janome. But wait… it is completely FCUKED!!

Curses!!  I move to Plan B for my 100th day of denim. Off to the bedroom I go to choose another outfit. Oh no. The dog has vomited in the bedroom. I could weep.

Finally I get to take my photo, but it’s not quite as good as I hoped. It does, however, feature something quite special…

Butt plug + stone wash bat wings = special

Red ceramic butt plug + stone wash bat wings = special

Top: Here it is, the most sumptuous piece of stone washing I have seen since 1984, Network brand denim stone washed, bat winged, over sized shoulders, suit style lapelled jacket, courtesy of my Southern Highlands fashion advisor, SL

Bottom: Not my original choice, Industrie dark ‘n skinny denims

Accessory 1: Brand new, and of course I’ve bought them a size too small, denim gym boots. FCUK!

Accessory 2: FCUK denim bag, a kind and generous donation from an old acquaintance, HMc

Word has it that today is Jeans for Genes day. Strange serendipity. I guess I should make a donation somewhere to validate all my denim wearing. And I still have no plans for tonight on marking this momentous occasion. I await more suggestions. Otherwise I might get into some real trouble, especially in THAT jacket…

Day 95: Sunday 2 August

August 2, 2009

So significant is The International Year of Denim that it has made today’s Sunday Telegraph, newspaper version only. So far it doesn’t seemed to have created any more visitors to this blog. Could it be that The Year of Denim is not all that interesting?

It seems there’s a handful of denim fanatics out there who are gripped with suspense each day to discover what incredible/revolting/daggy/ dreary/ same old same old/ pretty/ different noice unusual outfit I have decided to deck myself in. I can only hope that there’ll still be a few there in 9 months and to witness the final days of My Year of Denim.

Catching sun as I read about my Year of Denim in the Sunday Tele

Catching sun as I read about my Year of Denim in today's Sunday Telegraph's fashion pages

Top: Still most fav’ status, the South Seas Bubble Co denim bomber jacket. Aaaah

Bottom: Gap jeans donated by DH. Strangely short in the leg, so I have made it a feature today by giving them a single turn-up

Accessory: Dark grey denim cap, a birthday present given to me at the very beginning of My Year of Denim by some very dear girlfriends

Does anyone have any suggestions on the right way to celebrate my first 100 days of denim next Friday? Send me an email if you KNOW what I should do: