Half yearly stocktake

I can hardly believe myself that I stuck to my guns photographing and blogging everyday for the past 183 days.

What’s amazing is the amount of denim I have accumulated in that time.I think I started out with maybe 4 pairs of jeans and 2 jackets, 1 hat and a bag.

Thanks to all the donators, loaners and fashion spotters who have contributed to this outstanding 6 month denim tally.

I’m going to put my head down and bum up and really go for it in the next 6 months. maybe even double my denim?!?
Jeans: 24 pairs
11 x straight or skinny legs
7 x Flared
3 x Bell bottoms
4 x Vintage (guessing they are 30+ years old)
1 x dungarees, stonewashed for extra points
Current most fav Has to be the Dragstar high waisted flares because of their beautiful mid-blue colour and stylish styling

Some more of my jeans all in a row

A bunch more denim all in a row


Some of my jeans laid out


And a few more pairs lookin' pretty


And my favourite pair right now... Dragstar flares ACE!

Jackets: 16
1 x uber 8os stonewash
3 x suit style
5 x Classic denim jacket style ala Levi’s
2 x Bomber jackets
Current most fav Ever since I got it in the post it’s been the South Seas  Bubble Co. flanelette lined bomber jacket with red elastic banding. Heart!


Jackets all neatly placed


Favourite jacket ... the Superlative denim bomber jacket

Skirts: 8
1 x maxi
3 x mini
4 x mid
Current most fav status Jag maxi bootiful, too maxi as I can only wear it with 2″ plus heels


Only a few skirts. I am bashul about revealing my hairy legs


Jag skirt ... The longest skirt ever and how sweet is the label

Dresses: 1
I suppose it’s obvious which is the fav


Only and favourite button poppin' shirt dress

Shirts: 11
short sleeves 2
Long sleeves 9
Ruffles 2
Fake denim 2
Current most fav: Toss up between Moschino ruffles and vintage fake denim & bananas cowboy shirt


A bunch of freshly plucked shirts


My two fav shirts, ruffles and bananas

Vests/ waistcoats: 5

Current most fav Love the MSK ‘made in Australia’ vest for all it’s bogan qualities, but then I adore the on-loan-from-Dragstar denim vests that twin so nicely with the other Dragstar donated items


A modest cluster of denim vests


Two most favourite ... Can't decide which vest I like best

Bags 18
7 x shoulder bags
7 x largish hand bags
4 x denim ‘bum bags’ (bags that look like the arse from a pair of jeans)
Current most favourite handbag denim Chanel loaner from Netty in Melbourne


A few bags to carry all my stuff around


Best denim bag ever ... Chanel! Denim! Awe inspiring!

Denim shorts: 6 pairs
Current most favourite Gotta be the denim playsuit


Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts!


Fav shorts ... Always playful in my denim playsuit

Shoes: 6 pairs
Current ‘most fav ‘ status No label tranny style chunky heels. Too scared to actually wear them, gifted by work chum LC


Not too many shoes, but enough to get by


Fav shoes ... Transtastic label free uber ankle breakers

Hats: 11 including 1 scarf
Current most fav Glamour Girl denim cap from Japan, bought for 20c in Kempsey a year before the start of the Year of Denim


More hats than shoes


Most loved hat ... Glamour Girl perched just so

Belts: 5
Current most fav My Dad’s vintage Levi’s belt, too precious to wear!


Family heirloom, Dad's Levi's belt

Miscellanea: 20
1 x tracksuit pants in faux denim
1 x leggings, also fake denim
1 x denim doonah cover
2 pieces of donated denim cloth (unused so far)
2 x denim watch bands (no watch hat fits)
1 x set of jeans serviettes
1 x tiny pair of jeans (for a Bratz doll?)
1 x kodak “Swinger” camera in fake denim case
1 x denim pouch used for tampons
1 x denim diary
2x empty Toobs packets ( I ate ’em before I got to blog them)
1 x denim themed birthday card with Britney & Justin in uber denim outfits
2 x magazine articles about denim
1 x denim sneaker keyring doo-dad
1 x ‘animob jeans’ mobile phone pouch
1 x denim  card from ‘animob’ mobile phone pouch
Most Fav Absolutely hands down at the moment denim doonah cover. Hand crafted in Newcastle, ankle breaking weight in bed, gorgeous


Denim bibs n bobs, detritus plus more


I am a material girl: denim doonah + denim cloth

Unworn or worn once never to be worn again denim: 8 items

3 x pairs of jeans: 1 ghastly elastic waisted/ narrow ankled, 1 pair of enormous Fletcher Jeans, 1 fits just funny
1 x skirt: looks funny (too long?)
2 x shirts: 1 too small scabbed from Vinnies pile, 1 too big in a nasty way donation
1 pair of sneakers: donated, worn once with extreme discomfit
1 black dungaree shorts: too small muff biting donation
Most fav Probably the Fletcher jeans cos they are a match for my Fletcher Jeans jacket, then I’d have the denim suit I’ve been longing for


Unworn but not unwanted pile of denim

Total denim first 6 months of  YoD: 133


9 Responses to Half yearly stocktake

  1. spiegel says:

    fantastic collection, but your comment re skirts made me wonder: what is the point of hairy legs if you are too bashful to show them? are you not supposed to display them proudly – yeah, too right i dont shave my legs, what’s it to ya?

    • Year of Denim says:

      Only bashful at the corporate head office.
      otherwise I wear them with pride.
      Or perhaps I’m a closet feminist??

  2. spiegel says:

    understood. although, if its any comfort, i think rupert has hairy legs too

  3. anne kay says:

    Wow, what a haul!!


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