Day 337: Thursday 1 April

April 1, 2010

It’s no joke, my holiday is about to end!

Only 2 more days of beauty, birds and bats, surf, sand and sunshine. I’ve got nothing in the April Fool’s bag so I’m playing the blog very straight.

After one day of rain and finally some surf yesterday, now it’s all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops and more surf.

This was the sight I saw walking onto the beach last night

The end of the rainbow is Hat Head Bowling club

The dogs loving the last of the light on the beach

Off to Crescent Head soon so I’m dressed like a retiree in old man’s denim shorts. They are virgin too!

Year of Denim

Me in old man pants outside Ammaboolah

Top: Chambre vest getting some heavy duty wear

Bottom: Top Gear by Crystal old man style denim shorts. Nice!

Accessory: Pale denim cap. Nasty

When I bought the pants the groovy tag was still on them…

Top Gear slacks style denim shorts


Day 335: Tuesday 30 March

March 30, 2010

Another action packed day up here on the mid north coast of NSW.

Firstly I was woken up early by the birds, but really the bats through the night were nearly as noisy. But I’m glad I was woken up early because I got to see this…

Too much beauty makes me weep

Unfortunately I was spotted taking this photo in my undies by a middle aged couple doing their morning bike lap of the village. They said a cheery hello as they flew by.

I went back to bed for another 2 hours. After a slow start to the day we headed over to Hungry Beach to escape the howling nor’ easter blowing straight onto Hat Head beach.

And once again noted fashion photographer Pete Nel got me modelling…

Strangely sited street sign pointing nowhere

Spread eagled on a sand dune, that's the way u-huh u-huh I like it, I like it

Top: Chambre vest

Bottom: Rusty chambre shorts

Accessory 1: Ghastly pale denim cap

Accessory 2: Lovely Dragstar denim bag tops off pale denim ensemble

That beach stretches all the way down to Crescent Head. It’s long, but we hunkered down up the north corner out of the wind. I had a body surf, saw some Brahmini kites, beautiful, then headed back.

Walking up the road to the car I spotted this poor little thing…

Snake squashed by flying four wheel drive

Poor thing. Never had a chance against some gigantic sports utility vehicle full of fisherman. After this I saw death everywhere, including another tiny little skink smashed by a car.

But saddest were these two fatalities over night. They had been lured to town by the scent of melaluccas in bloom all over the place, not realising Hat Head is the big smoke…

Fruit bat meets it's fate in Hat Head

Fruit bat number 2 looking very dead as the ants have a taste

So who knows what tomorrow will hold for the Year of Denim? It’s supposed to rain and the wind is supposed to come up from the south which means one good thing… SURF!!!!

Day 331: Friday 26 March

March 26, 2010

Ooooh. How nice is a beach side holiday?

Very nice. Very very very nice.

I had  a snorkel this morning, but the tide was very low in the creek and the tannin was into it. However I did see a big brown and cream striped/flecked rock cod ( I think), loads of bream including a bream nursery, lots of mullet, only a few tropical fish however which was disappointing.

The other disappointment is NO SURF! None. Barely a wave today although the wind is into it already. I keep expecting some vestigial cyclone swell to hit the mid north coast. But no.

Anyways, here I am on the beach at 8am this morning…

Looking south east towards Hat Head headland, as you can see it's very busy

And here I am facing the other way….

Looking north west along the beach at Hat Head with Buster

Top: Ivy chambre vest

Bottom: Junk cut-offs

Accessory: One of those nasty wide brimmed caps all the kids are wearing, only mine’s denim

And here’s some of the holiday house folk enjoying the beach yesterday arvo…

PN making sand sculptures, AK hiding from sun, Buster enjoying the breeze

Day 329: Wednesday 24 March

March 24, 2010

Just can’t wait to get on the road again. But first I have to do this stupid blog, feed the cats, pack my bags, make my bed, pack the car, pick up my brother’s dog and DRIVE!

So hopefully tomorrow I will be doing this from the balcony at Ammaboolah. See you there

I hoped the Year of Denim would assist in clearing out my non-denim clothes. But no, now I have twice as may clothes as a year ago

Top: Supre pale denim vest

Bottom: Traditional beach holiday chambre shorts slowly fading to white

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag slumped on floor. Hopefully Kempsey will reveal some new denim fashions

Day 300!! Tuesday February 23

February 23, 2010

Red hot announcement

Today is my 300th day of denim…
Come join me for some cocktails and light refreshments
From 6pm at The Summit

To quote the website “A venue of international style”

Level 47, 264 George Street, down by Wynyard

300 days of denim… Today it feels like 300 degrees of denim and that’s heat not separation.

One would think I have a special outfit put aside to mark this moment in the Year of Denim. But I don’t. I DO have a sample of choice items yet to appear on YoD. But really, this weather, I’d rather be 100% nude than even contemplate jeans and a jacket.

Here’s hoping that cool change comes through by the time it’s time for me to make my grand denimy appearance at the Summit (did I tell you it rotates?!).

What would be even better is for a huge electrical storm to sweep across Sydney as I am slowly sipping a mock(or cock)-tail around 6.30, acting as a dramatic backdrop to the huge gathering of 3 people keen to celebrate 300 days of denim.

Fingers crossed I get excited with the 200 studs I bought yesterday and get bedazzling for tonight’s outfit.

Here’s what I am wearing in the meantime…

300 days of denim wearing

To mark 300 days of denim I wear same old same old

Top: Ivy chambre vest, the lightest one I own

Bottom: Junk cut-offs cos they were hanging off the end of the bed

Accessory: Denim birkies

Spinning evening update

I’ve been, I’ve spun, I saw Sydney slowly revealing herself beneath me. And of course my camera battery crapped out before I got  a chance to photograph myself AT The Summit.

Luckily I took a quick snap as I was preparing myself in the bedroom…

Me, my boobs and my stomach prepare for an outting

Top: First time even on YoD ‘Burcul’ brand ( Ihave no idea where it’s from, old or new, vintage or made in China) bolero style denim jacket with bonus plummeting neckline and extra bonus gut reveal. I ended up wearing a t-shirt underneath for modesty on the train and it was so cold at The Summit (it’s always cold at the top) I left it on

Bottom: A bolero top matched with my thick waist requires a high pant. So it was a toss up between the Dragstar high waisted flares and these Landlubbers. The Landlubbers won because I can get the button done up

Accessory 1: Denim wedgies. I cheated here too and wore thongs to Australia Square, changing into the wedgies at … The Summit. And didn’t my thongs look tawdry poking out the top of my bag

Accessory 2: Denim bustier style handbag, from the fashion House of Trix. Isn’t it awesome? Have a close up…

Bustier bag, back and front. Ace!

And yes, I really did make it to The Summit. Here’s un-Photoshopped proof…

Look carefully to see the bridge, the big boat and the Opera House

The Summit's glamorous interior, with YoD guests in mid table move

It was an intimate group of denim lovers who came together at The Summit for some canapes. I started with mock then moved to a cock-tail. Sydney wasn’t really at it’s best as the sun was cunningly concealed by a drab grey cloud cover, and we didn’t really witness any stunning sunset action or eletrcial storm light show.

However, I still love the Summit, even though at first I thought I wwas going to be cock/mocktailing (sorry I can’t stop saying and writing mock cocktail) on my own.

Special thanks to the select group who made the effort to climb to the 47th floor to help me mark 300 days of denim.

Day 280: Wednesday 3 February

February 3, 2010

Gee whiz. People really don’t give a rats care about the blog! I have had phone calls and text messages galore (2) worrying that I had gone into some kind of allergic shock to the blue bottle kiss yesterday.

Where’s the blog, was the cry! Are you alright, was another cry! Are you dead? Hospitalised?

No. None of that. I have been busy polishing the House of YoD for it’s annual inspection and knew that I would be updating the blog for my evening wear so was intending to just do it all later. However I have responded to the audience’s demands and I am rushing a post through, which will then be updated in another hour or so when I dress for the meat eating fest I am going to in the early evening. Ribs anyone??!?

Here’s my cleaning lady outfit…

Due to popular demand here I am, wham bam, not glam

Top: Supre vest getting loaded with sweat

Bottom: Rusty chambre shorts, clean when  put ’em on, filthy now

Accessory: My denim wallet came with me when I took Taxi the dog for walk this morning

Eating out outfit…

Eating out at a gorge yourself meat-eating competition means I need to be thoughtful about what I wear.

If I wear super loose clothes will that encourage me to eat even more?

If  wear super tight clothes will that make me feel sick and force me to regurgitate when I inevitably over eat?

It’s a fine balance one has to achieve…

Do I wear maternity pants or super skinny jeans?

The choice was a hard one between maternity jeans on the left (the come highly recommended by DaHo for yum-cha) which re so comfy you feel naked, or super skinny jeans that act as a kind of tourniquet around you gut, a kind of non-surgical stomach band.

In the end I went for the super skinnys, because as you can see in the picture above, they don’t actually go over my gut, leaving it to expand comfortably as the feast trickles down my gullet all night long…

I am also wearing a tie coz I want to do what they do in American movies when they eat ribs… throw the tie over their shoulder!

Skinny jeans filled out by my fat, with more to come

Top: Stretch denim shirt

Bottom: JJs super skinny stone wash style jeans, zipper fixed so gaping is a thing of the past

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots

Accessory 2: I reckon my tie is kinda fake denim so I reckon it counts in the tally. It’s also got someone else’s name on it. Classy!

Mr Byrne why did you give up this tie? It's lovely

Day 274: Thursday 28 January

January 28, 2010

It’s late but I have been out and about and in denim too.

I went for a walk along the southern side of Coogee. Dolphins entertained the masses and me. I went for a dippity-do in one of the rock pools near Singo’s house, D-Ho made me a toasted sandwich for brunch and now I’m home. Here’s what I wore on the walk. Of course I didn’t think to take a photo ON the walk because that would be sensible…

I looked pissed off and I don't know why. Send your suggestions to....

Top: Ivy chambre vest still too clammy for Sydney’s humidity

Bottom: Rusty shorts rolled up to stop them dragging on scabby knee, which BTW has finally formed  a scab and is not quite so wet and gooey, thanks for asking

Accessory: Dragstar pale denim bag. Just the right size

Check back later for an exciting outfit update. Yawn.


And I was getting bored of denim. Well, then I hit one of the local charity organisations and dug up what I consider to be quite a find, which I am now wearing to work…

Yippe yi yo it's denim culottes!

Top: Dragstar press studded snug bosom squeezing vest

Bottom: Yup, denim culottes. Even better they are vintage Australian made, never worn (til this moment), still with the tag, denim magic!

Accessory: Dragstar bag I was hoiking around this morning

Check out the label…

Ding dong Aywon calling