Day 4: Suit & Tie challenge

It’s a Sunday, but the news never stops! So I’m here at work and the challenge continues!

But it is Sunday and the office is always super casual, so I have gone with my pantSUIT as today’s fashion challenge choice.

Sydney has put on amazing weather for the beginning of a new year and my pantSUIT is not really made from most appropriate material for a perfect Sydney summer’s day. Luckily the office has icy air-con otherwise I would quite possibly be bringing in the new year with a nasty case of thrush.

Steaming in my polyester fake patchwork denim polyester suit


10 Responses to Day 4: Suit & Tie challenge

  1. loving the new suit challenge… would you consider painting a suit on your body (a la Demi Moore)?

    • Year of Denim says:

      I would except this challenge is to wear a suit and tie in the workplace.
      If I worked at ‘Strippers’ or ‘Porky’s’ that wouldn’t be a problem.
      However being employed by one of the biggest, most conservative media organisations suggests to me that coming to work in a body painted suit might be the fast track to a career change

  2. Rich Ploeg says:

    A bout of thrush would be but a small price to pay for the pleasure you are bringing the world !!!! I love ya work JP !!!

  3. birdmonkey says:

    I like that tie- who is the designer?

  4. birdmonkey says:

    If the tie says dry clean only, do so- it means that the fabric and the padding with react differently to water and spak out. Spot washing might be ok. I read an interesting fact that they have banned tied in hospitals in the UK as they are a carry of germs and disease as they don’t get washed much. I have a brown suit if you want to go into that colour range

    • Year of Denim says:

      Yes. All my ties are super grubby as they are from charity fashion boutiques.
      I washed the Swan Lake tie as it was revolting, but I did it very gently, keeping the shape as much as possible.

      And YES, I’d LOVE to wear a brown suit.
      Only 2 days to go in this challenge however, so i’d have to scoot over and grab it today.

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